How Our Process Works

Our simplified repair process ennsures that our customers efforts are reduced to an absolute minimum.


We will ask questions to uncover the true need. Based on the situation, we will quote a price and determine the appropriate next steps.


We will walk you through a quick and easy credit card authorization on our website which is only finalized if the repair is successful.


After a price has been quoted and approval given, we will disconnect from the call and perform the repair.


Based on the situation, we will quote a price and determine the appropriate next steps.


We will spend some time, do our due dilligence, and continue to ask questions as needed to firmly diagnose the issue.


We contact you with the result(s) and finalize the transaction based on the outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our repairs are a flat fee which will be quoted to you before the repair begins. A Diagnostic fee of $24.95 is charged if we are able to make a connection to your computer and provide a diagnosis or recommendation.
We are fine with answering questions, and actually encourage our customers to call with them. On the flip side of that coin, there becomes a point in time where an interaction can go from us answering simple questions to full blown step by step phone support. We do charge for support at the same rate as repair and will inform you if we reach that point of the interaction. The only thing we have to sell is our time and skills and can’t be expected to give either of them away in an excessive amount…for free.
Call (877)659-7471
Yes, we are reasonable people who stand true to our customer first mentality. All work performed by technicians is fully guaranteed and only charged if successful. Once we have completed the repair, any related problem within 7 days will either be repaired at no charge , or refunded to the customer. If we are unable to fix the issue, then only a Diagnostic Fee of $24.95 is charged to your card. The remainder of the authorized amount is never processed and will go back into your bank account or credit card balance within 3-5 business days.
During the authorization process, you will be provided with a ticket number. This ticket will be used to track all progress on both sides, can be used as a communication tool, and can even be accessed later by the customer via our website.
Not unless you grant us unattended access. This is usually for support plan users only. But trust me, We have better things to do than sit around and look at stuff on other people’s computers. If you move your mouse, it overrides the ability of the technician. If you are uncomfortable at any point, simply close out of the interaction or just tell the technician verbally and we will be happy to stop.
No, if it’s a video chat we can understand how you would with us being super handsome and all, but there is no need. We like to keep our customer’s effort down to a minimum.
Criminals are everywhere and always looking to make a quick buck from someone vulnerable or less knowledgeable with technology. That being said, there is no single solution for Anti-virus that will protect you from all infections. Some are better than others, Sure!!!!!We always like to tell our customers “You don’t read the back of the Margarita mix bottle for the drink recipe. Your drink will always taste like syrup”. Think about ti for a second……Their goal is for you to use as much mix as possible so that they make more money, so why would you go to them for advice on what to use?
Call or go to 10 different computer shops and you’ll probably receive at least 6 different answers on this question. Why you ask? Because companies simply resell the solution that benefits them the most from a profit perspective and typically put the customer second. The difference with us, is that we selected out anti-virus provider based on performance first and actually selected the program with one of the lower profit margin to us, because it out performed all others that we tested. Give us a call to hear more about getting setup with our support plan or anti-virus.

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